World of Warcraft, World of Tanks, DBZ Kakarot, and More!

World of Warcraft and World of Tanks are among the most popular computer games today. They also have a large player base, with more than 20 million registered players. PUBG and DBZ Kakarot are also popular games. But which ones are the best? Find out in this article! And while we’re at it, why not try a new one? What is it about them that is so addicting?

World of Warcraft

The gameplay of World of Warcraft is largely centered around quests. These are usually available from NPCs in the game world and can be completed for experience points, items, or in-game currency. The rewards that these quests offer are not only in-game currency, but also new skills or areas to explore. Quests are also an essential part of the story of the game, with many quests linked together by a common theme. Players can also purchase three or six months of gameplay at once to receive discounts of six to fifteen percent.

World of Tanks

The gameplay of World of Tanks involves controlling an armored tank or a selfpropelled artillery vehicle, and coordinating your attacks with other players and allied players. Generally, a match ends when you destroy all of the opposing team’s vehicles and take over their base. However, the game includes many different game modes that alter the gameplay mechanics. For instance, you can play in a winter setting at the edge of the world, in the Mediterranean, melbet in the snowy base at the edge of the world, or even on the moon!


PUBG is one of the most popular online games today. This multiplayer shooter allows players to participate in a battle royale that simulates a real world battlefield. Players are assigned to one of two teams that can play solo or together. As of this writing, the game has already overtaken the likes of League of Legends. In addition to being popular online, PUBG is available on Xbox One, PlayStation, and mobile.

DBZ Kakarot

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is a massive open world RPG that spans the entire Dragon Ball Z saga and includes all 291 episodes. While this may seem like a lot of content, the game suffers from a lack of storylines and source material for a large open world RPG. Players will also have to deal with a few annoyances along the way, including some really awkward line reads and a lack of sound effects.

Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite Battle Royale is an intense online game with a large community of gamers.

Up to 100 people compete against each other for first place in a game that follows the standard battle royale formula. The game is playable solo or with a squad of two or four players. It supports up to 100 players per round, so there is plenty of room for both players to enjoy the action. In Fortnite Battle Royale, you must create walls, collect objects, and take out enemies. You can play alone or in teams, with other players, or with your friends.


Are you one of the many people who enjoy playing video games online? If so, you’ve surely come across Tetris, a popular puzzle game that was first released 30 years ago. Though it has become a classic and a global sensation, Tetris is not free. In fact, you’d have to pay to play it. But despite its low price, it has the ability to get people addicted to it.

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